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D’z Trees is a state of the art marijuana grow facility located in Denver, Colorado offering over 70+ strains of the highest quality cannabis in the State. 

We believe in crafting clean cannabis for consumers utilizing only the finest OMRI Certified organic material to cultivate in.

All of our bud is hand trimmed to preserve the quality and potency of the final product, ensuring a high quality experience for the final consumer.

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Our genetic library contains over 70+ premium and exotic varieties of the most potent cannabis in Colorado.

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Our Top Strains

Strawberry Diesel Dz Trees

Pink Pez


Mob Boss

Mob Boss


Platinum OG

Strawberry Diesel


Potent Colorado Cannabis


D'z Trees is the third highest testing grow in Colorado with our Platinum OG Kush testing in at 38% THC.

Dz Trees Logo-02

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